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Club Details and Sign-Up Info

The Tusky Valley Ski and Board Club is an extracurricular activity for Tusky Valley high school students. The club is an excellent opportunity for students to participate in the sports of skiing or snowboarding at approximately 47% off Brandywine's regular prices. Beginners and experts are welcome and expected. 

The club travels to Boston Mills Ski Resort, located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park on Wednesday evenings via chartered busses. We leave the high school at 3:15pm and attempt to return by 9:45pm. Students must arrange transportation from the school to their homes upon return.

 Procedure to sign up is after description...

The package includes: 

  • Lift ticket each week for six weeks (Wednesdays starting on January 3, 2018). 
  • Rental equipment is included for everyone (one price for everyone). If you own your own equipment, you have the option to try the other gear when you want or use yours all the time. You also will have rental on the voucher card, so you can pop into BM even if you forgot your gear.
  • Lessons on five of our six trips.
  • Voucher Card good for four $10 validations for all-day lift tickets and rental any day or time other than our scheduled time (may also be used at Brandywine – for tubing too- and at Alpine Valley Resort in Chesterland, OH and may be used to pay for other people). This means you pay $10 for up to a $73 value each time. You will get your Voucher card before Christmas Break if you pay BM online BEFORE November 20.
  • Transportation on a comfortable chartered coach for six evenings beginning with the first skiable Wednesday in January If school is cancelled for any reason (snow days for example), the Ski and Board Club will also be cancelled on that day. 
In addition, after our six scheduled sessions, students will be given their weekly pass which will entitle them to go to Boston Mills on their own every Wednesday for the remainder of the season (if the season lasts 12 weeks, you may slide for all 12 weeks). 

Again this year: Boston Mills is allowing Snowbladers on a very limited basis.  Students must own their own snowblades and the total number of snowbladers is limited. Sign up is first come first serve. 

BMBW Official Club Video
BMBW Video

Prices for the
2017-2018 season:

Everyone will pay one price . . . . . . . . . . $283.05*
($203.05 to BM and $80 to TVLS for busses)
Checks or Money orders. No Cash Please.

Anyone who has a BMBW season pass may 
simply pay the bus portion (free at BM!).

If you own your own equipment, you may use your own equipment or rent. 
If you would like to try the opposite type, rent that one day and use your equipment on a normal day.

All money and completed
forms may be turned in as follows:

Past Members & Seniors
get preference from now till Friday, Oct. 20
All other HS students: Oct. 23 to Nov. 3
(the club may open to 8th graders after Nov. 3)
BM will accept new people till Nov.30 with no extra fees.

* Prices are based on 44 participants. Prices may vary based on the actual number. The Ski and Board Club will run a maximum of one bus. No refunds will be made if a participant skips one or more weeks. Also, Boston Mills has a no refund policy Acceptance into the club is on a first paid, first in basis based on the schedule on the next column. Club members must be present at school that day to participate and absences the day after will result in suspension from the club. Members must ride the bus both ways.

The cost of this package (six 3 hour sessions, rental, five group lessons, and $10 voucher card good for 4 extra lift tickets with rental (if part of your package) for any session other than our regular night) at regular Boston Mills retail prices is $533.00.   Our cost is $284.00 and also includes chartered bus transportation and extra skiing or boarding (on your own) after our scheduled six sessions. Joining ski Club is not only a great way to enjoy the sports of skiing and snowboarding, but also an excellent value! 

Sign-Up Procedure

Step 1: Completely fill out (sign & date) the T. V. paper Sign up form (which includes statements about Insurance, Warning of Accepted Dangers, and the Acknowledgment of Privilege Revocation). Please do not miss any blanks.

Step 2: TV form and Bus Payment: Bring TV Form (step 1), and check or money order (made out to TVLS) for $80 (bus portion) to ONLY Mr. Kennat at TVHS. Other school personnel will not accept money or forms. DO NOT place anything in a mail box. You will not be guaranteed a place unless it is delivered in person. No cash will be accepted.

Step 3: Pay the Resort Part Online: AFTER paying for the bus portion, you will be given the log in info. Follow the online instructions to input all information. You will pay $203.05 to BM online. Deadline is Nov. 30, but spots may fill sooner. DO NOT pay online before completing steps 1 and 2.  BMBW WILL NOT give ANY refunds.  Do NOT pay until you are approved (there are only 50 spots). Do this step LAST!

**If you are full time Post Secondary, please print and fill out the emergency medical form and bring in with the other paperwork.

Please also read the important information about The Responsibility Code and Ski Laws and The Risks of Skiing and Snowboarding.

Do you need more information, or need sign-up forms? 
Stop by the school and see Mr. Kennat, or e-mail me at:
Ski & Board Club Advisor

Emergency Medical Form (pdf)

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