The Tuscarawas Valley Local School District is extremely grateful for the generous financial contributions from individuals, families, local businesses and organizations, parent-teacher groups, and the community-at-large. Every volunteer effort and financial contribution provides additional resources that support the district’s mission and focus on providing the best learning opportunities for our students!
 Allied Machine & Engineering CorpPLTW Summit $1950 11/20/17 
 Sue GaiserAffordable Christmas $50 11/20/17 
Ron Gauding2017 Community Bonfire - Hayride Shuttles---11/20/17
John Ladrach2017 Community Bonfire - Hayride Shuttles---11/20/17
James and Laura LindonAfforable Christmas$10011/20/17
MC Warrior Project Inc.Afforable Christmas$15011/20/17
TVHS Class of 1967TVHS Auditorium$50011/20/17
Jeff Miller and Millwood LumberFirewood for 2017 Literacy Night---11/20/17
Mark and Tammy MurphyAfforable Christmas$10011/20/17
NilodorAfforable Christmas$50011/20/17
Progressive Foam Technologies Inc.Afforable Christmas$25011/20/17
Ragon HouseAfforable Christmas$25011/20/17
Carla Steiner and FamilyAfforable Christmas$30011/20/17
Through the Years Child CenterAfforable Christmas$20011/20/17
USA Labels Express Inc.Afforable Christmas$20011/20/17
Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.Afforable Christmas$10010/9/17
New Philadelphia Quaker Inc.PLTW$100010/9/17
Richard and Mary Ellen GoodingAfforable Christmas$5010/9/17
Daid and Debbie ProchaskaAfforable Christmas$50010/9/17
Tuscarawas County Community FoundationProject Lead the Way$1009/11/2017
Tuscarawas Country Council for Church and CommunityStudent Health Supplies, Student Needs---9/11/2017
Stark Community Foundation (The Cindy and Jon Elasser Advised Charitable Fund)Afforable Christmas$2509/11/2017
Rotary Club of Bolivar-ZoarStudent Health Supplies, Students---9/11/2017
Rotary Club of Bolivar-ZoarAfforable Christmas$2009/11/2017
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$100009/11/2017
Dover Hydraulics, Inc.Afforable Christmas$5009/11/2017
Walmart Community FoundationBack to School Blast$25008/14/2017
Michael and Holly ValotAfforable Christmas$1008/14/2017
Reeves FoundetionProject Lead the Way$50008/14/2017
Millwood Lumber, Inc.Afforable Christmas$10008/14/2017
John and Orlena Marsh FoundationProject Lead the Way$333.338/14/2017
Wayne and Susan KaschakScholar Banquet$1008/14/2017
Gooding's Nursery and LandscapingAfforable Christmas$1008/14/2017
Community Business AssociationBack to School Blast$1008/14/2017
Atwood Lake Boats, Inc.Afforable Christmas$2508/14/2017
Mineral City American LegionDonation of Classroom flag---6/28/2017
Martha Hoden Jennings FoundationHelen Redinger classroom grant$29806/28/2017
Lebold-Smith Funeral HomeScholar Banquet and TVHS Pay It Forward Day$506/28/2017
Chuck and June KnaackScholar Banquet$1006/28/2017
Trevor and Amy BurrierScholar Banquet$1006/28/2017
AnonymousAuditorium Projection System$60006/12/2017
Chuck and Margaret KnaackTVHS Speech/Debate$3006/12/2017
New Direction Performing ArtsAuditorium Renovation$1005/9/2017
Dover HydraulicsProject Lead the Way$25005/9/2017
Community Business AssociationAuditorium Renovation$1004/10/2017
Hostetler Builders"At Cost" Work for Auditorium Renovation---4/10/2017
Brahler's CleaningCleaning for Auditorium Renovation---4/10/2017
Adams FabricatingBus Repair Supplies---3/13/2017
Trevor and Amy BurrierAuditorium Renovation$503/13/2017
Class of 1967Auditorium Renovation$503/13/2017
Fort Laurens American LegionOhio Flag---3/13/2017
Mineral City American LegionTwo flags for TVHS and TVMS---3/13/2017
Steve and Julie HoaglandAuditorium Renovation$1003/13/2017
Sparta Steel & Equipment CorpBus Repair Supplies----3/13/2017
Tuscarawas Society for Childern & Adults, Inc.Auditorium Renovations for Handicap Ramp$7,955.303/13/2017
John & Rita ZwickAuditorium Renovation$1002/6/2017
Philip & Linda WhiteAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Sparta Steel & EquipmentAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
The Selinsky ForceAuditorium Renovation$5002/6/2017
Lazarus Scheetz SmithAuditorium Renovation$752/6/2017
Marcus & Tami McMullinAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Robert & Holly LloydAuditorium Renovation$5002/6/2017
David & Lisa LimbaughAuditorium Renovation$252/6/2017
Sara & Jeff LewisAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Jane KollarAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Wayne & Susan KaschakAuditorium Renovation$2502/6/2017
Kaleidoscope Custom GoodsAuditorium Renovation$1002/6/2017
Cassie & Shaun GreeneAuditorium Renovation$1502/6/2017
Richard & Mary Ellen GoodingAuditorium Renovation$5002/6/2017
Randy & Anne HarperAuditorium Renovation$1,0002/6/2017
David & Sally GreenAuditorium Renovation$1,0002/6/2017
Randi & Carole Solvey GermanAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Susan GaiserAuditorium Renovation$5002/6/2017
Aaron & Debbie FoxAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Empire Realty & DevelopmentAuditorium Renovation$5002/6/2017
Garry & Janet CornellAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Jason & Nancy CorderAuditorium Renovation$1002/6/2017
Emley Family ChiropracticAuditorium Renovation$2402/6/2017
Anthony & Diana CarosielliAuditorium Renovation$502/6/2017
Joseph & Tina CappelloAuditorium Renovation$1002/6/2017
AnonymousAuditorium Renovation$2502/6/2017
Brad & Nancy WharmbyAuditorium Renovation$3501/9/2016
Randy & Christine WestAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
Warren Township Comm. CenterAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
Derek & Heidi VaranskyAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
Kevin & Susan troyerAuditorium Renovation$1,0001/9/2016
Jeremy SquiresAuditorium Renovation$1001/9/2016
Matthew & Tiffany ShawAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
Garry & Tenia SearsAuditorium Renovation$15,0001/9/2016
Rob & Renee SattlerAuditorium Renovation$1001/9/2016
Jamie ReinoehlAuditorium Renovation$251/9/2016
Brian & Susan RayAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
Vincent & Sarah PerkowskiAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
Elizabeth ParksAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
Karen OswaldAuditorium Renovation$5001/9/2016
Harry Nichols, Jr.Auditorium Renovation$1001/9/2016
Sheila MurphyAuditorium Renovation$5001/9/2016
Dennis & Nancy McCartneyAuditorium Renovation$2001/9/2016
Samuel and Karen LloydAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
Robert and Katherine LewisAuditorium Renovation$1001/9/2016
Mark and Cynthia KubinaAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
Harpst Ross LtdAuditorium Renovation$5001/9/2016
Randy and Anne HarperTVHS Speech$1501/9/2016
Grapevine Real EstateAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
David & Sara FarnsworthAuditorium Renovation$1,0001/9/2016
Scott & Jessie EdwardsAuditorium Renovation$1501/9/2016
Russell DeanAuditorium Renovation$8001/9/2016
Chempure Products Corp.Auditorium Renovation$1501/9/2016
David & Patricia BurkholderAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
J Brian and Mimi BirdAuditorium Renovation$501/9/2016
AnonymousAuditorium Renovation$2501/9/2016
AnonymousAuditorium Renovation$1,0001/9/2916
AnonymousAuditorium Renovation$31,0001/9/2016
American LegionAuditorium Renovation$1001/9/2016
Action Now Inc.Auditorium Renovation$5001/9/2016
Mark and Tammy MurphyAdopt-A-Chair$20012/12/2016
Marsh FoundationPLTW$333.3312/12/2016
Doris & Floyd Kimble FoundationAdopt-A-Chair$50,00012/12/2016
Gergley InsuranceTVHS Drama$10010/10/2016
Wood's Real EstateGive Back to Your School Day$6910/10/2016
Timken Foundation of CantonAuditorium Renovation Lighting$31,00010/10/2016
Moomaw FoundationAuditorium Renovation Lighting$2,50010/10/2016
Kinder MorganBack to School Blast$1,50010/10/2016
Frontier CommunicationsConvocation Breakfast$50010/10/2016
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$10,0009/12/2016
WJERBottled water for Back to School Blast---9/12/2016
TV Elementary PTOBack to School Blast$4009/12/2016
T-County Community FoundationProject Lead the Way$1,0009/12/2016
Jaelle LindonClarinet for TVHS Music Department---9/12/2016
Bolivar Fire DepartmentTruck/crew to clean windows at TVIS---9/12/2016
Walmart FoundationBack to School Blast$2,1009/12/2016
Keith and Lori LimbacherWasher and dryer for primary school---8/8/2016
The Reeves FoundationProject Lead the Way$5,0008/8/2016
Community Business AssociationBack to School Blast$1006/29/2016
Rainbow ConnectionWheelchair for student$9,338.056/15/2016
TVHS Rotary Interact ClubAdopt-A-Chair$2406/15/2016
Cindy HuygheAdopt-A-Chair$506/15/2016
J Brian and Mimi BirdTVHS Speech$2006/15/2016
Dave and Cathy ArcherAdopt-A-Chair$2506/15/2016
Canton South Dairy QueenTVHS Speech Nationals$2006/15/2016
Sublime SmokeTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$605/9/2016
Wayne and Susan KaschakTVHS Scholar Banquet$1005/9/2016
Cheryl FoutzTVHS Speech$1005/9/2016
David and Sally GreenTVHS Scholar Banquet$1,0005/9/2016
GPD FoundationClassroom Supplies$1,5005/9/2016
Trevor and Amy BurrierTVHS Scholar Banquet$505/9/2016
Warren and Diane AckermanTVHS Speech$2005/9/2016
AnonymousTVHS Speech$1005/9/2016
Mineral City American LegionThree New Flags---4/11/2016
Chevron Community FundBeginning STEM Early$5,0004/11/2016
Ted And Marcia HowenstineTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$9604/11/2016
Phil FelgenhauerTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$2504/11/2016
US Acute CareOffice Chairs and Supplies---4/11/2016
Ziegler TireVisa Gift Card for Staff Recognition$1503/14/2016
West Roofing SystemsStaff Recognition$2503/14/2016
Vaughan's Pub and GrilleStaff Recognition$253/14/2016
Dayne And Angela ThomasStaff Recognition$1003/14/2016
Shearer's SnacksStaff Recognition---3/14/2016
Selinsky ForceStaff Recognition$2503/14/2016
Schoenbrunn InnStaff Recognition---3/14/2016
Pam's PosiesStaff Recognition---3/14/2016
Nilodor, Inc.TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$3803/14/2016
Mark and Tammy MurphyStaff Recognition$1503/14/2016
Millwood Lumber, Inc.Staff Recognition$5003/14/2016
McDonald'sStaff Recognition---3/14/2016
Lebold-Smith Funeral HomeStaff Recognition$5003/14/2016
Lauren InnovationsStaff Recognition$5003/14/2016
Rita HamrickTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$1003/14/2016
Mark and Melissa HaasStaff Recognition$2003/14/2016
Giant EagleStaff RecognitionGift Card3/14/2016
Galick's, Inc.Staff Recognition$2503/14/2016
Eleet CryogenicsStaff Recognition$5003/14/2016
Atwood Lake BoatsStaff Recognition$1003/14/2016
Allied Machine & 
Engineering Corp
Staff Recognition$2503/14/2016
Various Cash ContributorsTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$1,3302/8/2016
Edward and Marilyn WillsTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$252/8/2016
David and Alice SlaterTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$5002/8/2016
Eric S. KimbleTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$1,0002/8/2016
Gergley Insurance &
Financial Services, Inc.
TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$1002/8/2016
AnonymousAthletic Jerseys$5002/8/2016
William and Karen MurphyTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$5001/11/2016
Community Business AssociationTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$2401/11/2016
AnonymousTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$2,50012/14/2015
Wilkshire Golf, Inc.TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$50011/16/2015
Koehlinger EngineeringTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$5011/16/2015
Jeff Miller Family and 
Millwood Lumber, Inc.
Firewood for Literacy Night at TVMS---11/16/2015
John LadrachWagon Rides for Literacy Night at TVMS---11/16/2015
Harris Battery Company, Inc.TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$3,60011/16/2015
Haman Family FoundationProject Lead the Way$1,00011/16/2015
Finishing Touch FlooringTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24011/16/2015
Canal Street DinerTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24011/16/2015
Bellstores, Inc.Gift Cards$25011/16/2015
Steve and Sharon BakerTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$5011/16/2015
Wilkshire Banquet Center &
Dollhouse Museum
TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24010/12/2015
Ohio Middle Level AssociationTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$50010/12/2015
Emley Family ChiropracticTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$10010/12/2015
Jon & Cindy ElasserTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$96010/12/2015
Bolivar Service CenterTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24010/12/2015
Atwood Lake Boats, Inc.TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24010/12/2015
Atwood Glass, Inc.TVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$5010/12/2015
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$10,0009/14/2015
Esther LadrachTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$4809/14/2015
Sandy Township TrusteesGrading the TVHS Student Parking Lot---8/17/2015
Lawrence Township TrusteesMS Driveway Drainage---8/17/2015
WalmartBack to School Blast$2,1008/17/2015
PTOBack to School Blast$4008/17/2015
PATHSBack to School Blast$4008/17/2015
Community Business AssociationBack to School Blast$1008/17/2015
The Reeves FoundationProject Lead the Way$5,0008/17/2015
Donald Biechler
Mineral City American Legion
Three American flags---6/8/2015
Tuscarawas Valley Ruritan ClubDictionaries to all third grade students---5/11/2015
Rainbow ConnectionPortable Wheelchair Lift$16,0005/11/2015
Project Lead the Way, Inc.TVIS Project Lead the Way$15,0005/11/2015
Haman Family FoundationProject Lead the Way$1,0005/11/2015
David and Sally GreenTVHS Scholar Banquet$1,0005/11/2015
David and Sally GreenTVHS Speech$1005/11/2015
David and Sally GreenTVHS Band$1,0005/11/2015
AnonymousTV Middle School Boys Basketball Program$2,0004/13/2015
PTOValentine Parties$199.503/9/2015
Mr. Steve VescoTVHS Speech Team$1003/9/2015
Mike Hamsher and EmbroidMeTusky Valley apparel$1,8002/9/2015
Allied MachiningProject Lead the Way13,2002/9/2015
AnonymousHomeocming Fireworks---10/13/2014
Mineral City American Legion4' x 6' American flag---10/13/2014
Jeffery and Jennifer MilleriPad Mini to Mrs. Mitchell's first grade class$25010/13/2014
Madge Dolly EstateBooks for TV Primary first grade students$50010/13/2014
Steve and Jessica WithamTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$8009/8/2014
Mackenzie and Addison WithamTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$7209/8/2014
Steve and Jessica WithamTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$4809/8/2014
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way---9/8/2014
Terry MillerProviding newspaper to sixth grade students---9/8/2014
Mr. Willard Himes and Sandy Township TrusteesFilling potholes and grading the TVHS student parking lot---9/8/2014
Scott Family and CBABack to School Blast---9/8/2014
Fairway Lawn Care and LandscapingFertilization/care of TVHS Soccer Field---9/8/2014
Gates Foundation and Anonymous DonorSony headphone sets$103.049/8/2014
Gates Foundation and Anonymous DonorApple TV for Mrs. Watson's classroom$92.959/8/2014
Susan BatesTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$2409/8/2014
Tuscarawas County Community FoundationProject Lead the Way$1,5008/11/2014
WalmartBack to School Blast$1,8008/11/2014
Jeanne Souers Garcia FoundationProject Lead the Way$8007/14/2014
Reeves FoundationProject Lead the Way$5,0007/14/2014
Mineral City American LegionAmerican Flag---6/9/2014
David JohnsonPiano for TVMS$5004/14/2014
Fenton Brothers ElectricApple TV to TVMS Art Department---2/10/2014
Jeff & Jennifer MilleriPad Mini for Mrs. Betts class$3001/13/2014
Don & Kathy LappAir Conditioners$5012/9/2013
Stark County FoundationTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$750012/9/2013
Republic Waste ServicesProject Lead the Way$173912/9/2013
Ed & Marilyn WillsTVHS Adopt-a-Chair Project$24012/9/2013
Anonymous DonorFireworks for Homecoming Game 
by Ohio Pyrotechnics Group
TV Athletic BoostersBaseball Fence$2300010/14/2013
Haman Family FoundationProject Lead the Way$250010/14/2013
Don & Joni VaranskyTechnology Devices$34510/14/2013
Georgio's GrilleMeals for New Staff Reception & Board of Education work session on 9/9/2013---10/14/2013
Tuscarawas County YMCAHealthy Tusc Mini Grant$1,0009/9/2013
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$10,0009/9/2013
Chuck & June KnaackAdopt-a-Chair Project$2408/12/2013
Duerr Andrews LLCAdopt-a-Chair Project$2408/12/2013
Chris & Bill EmleyAdopt-a-Chair Project$2408/12/2013
Reeves FoundationProject Lead the$,50008/12/2013
Tuscarawas County 
Community Foundation
Project Lead the Way$1,5008/12/2013
PATHSTVMS Projectors and Installation Kits$2,253.578/12/2013
Wal MartCash for Back-to-School Barbeque$1,7508/12/2013
Dollar General (Bolivar)T-shirts for Back-to-School Barbeque---8/12/2013
Pissocra Mathias Reality50 backpacks with TV logo for
Back-to-School Barbeque
Brahler's Cleaning & RestorationAdopt-a-Chair Project$2406/10/2013
Al & Jean WatsonAdopt-a-Chair Project$2404/8/2013
Dominick ParianoAdopt-a-Chair Project$2404/8/2013
Ron, Tanya & Scout WeberAdopt-a-Chair Project$1004/8/2013
Stan & Sue GamberAdopt-a-Chair Project$2404/8/2013
Lauren InnovationsTVLSD Emergency Preparedness and Response System$3,0003/11/2013
Jerry WeberAdopt-a-Chair Project$2403/11/2013
Adam and April ErnstAdopt-a-Chair Project$1003/11/2013
Reeves FoundationAdopt-a-Chair Project$10,0003/11/2013
Zimmerman FoundationAdopt-a-Chair Project$2,5002/11/2013
Eric & Sonya AndersonFour 5' X 8' American Flags---2/11/2013
Harris BatteryFloor Scrubber for TVIS---2/11/2013
Dover HydraulicsProject Lead the Way$2,5001/14/2013
McDonald's of BolivarOrange Drink/Cups for
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
Culligan's Water of DoverBottled water for 
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
USA Labels of BolivarBumper Stickers for
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
Giant Eagle of BolivarPlates/Napkins for 
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
Wendy's of BolivarBowls & Spoons for
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
TVMS PATHSDessert for 
Excellent with Distinction Celebration
Mr. & Mrs. Skirtich2012 Cross Country Camp$50012/10/2012
Grade School Cross
County Association
Purchase of Weaver Storage Barn$3,00012/10/2012
Haman FoundationProject Lead the Way$1,00011/19/2012
Handrich InsuranceProject Lead the Way$5011/19/2012
David & Sally GreenExcellent with Distinction Celebration$24011/19/2012
Anonymous DonorExcellent with Distinction Celebration$50011/19/2012
Tuscarawas Valley RuritansStudent Dictionaries for all 3rd Graders---10/8/2012
American LegionUnited States Flag for TVMS---10/8/2012
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$10,0009/10/2012
Harris BatteryTV Mobile Web App$1,7009/10/2012
Robert and Tonya WeberMiddle School Band$1009/10/2012
Superior ClayProject Lead the Way$5,0008/13/2012
Wal-MartBack to School Fair$1,0007/31/2012
Chuck KnaackTVHS Sign Project$5007/31/2012
Myers Machining Inc.Project Lead the Way$2,0007/31/2012
Allied MachiningProject Lead the Way$7,9007/31/2012
Reeves FoundationProject Lead the Way$5,0007/31/2012
Project Lead the Way, Inc.TVHS Project Lead the Way$10,0006/11/2012
National Physics ConsultantsTVHS C.A.R.E. Fair$255/21/2012
Handrich InsuranceTVHS C.A.R.E. Fair$505/21/2012
Allied MachiningTVHS C.A.R.E. Fair$505/21/2012
AnonymousTVMS Rachel's Challenge$2005/21/2012
Community Business AssociationTVMS Rachel's Challenge$1005/21/2012
Bolivar Mayor
Rebecca Hubble
TVMS Rachel's Challenge$505/21/2012
Athletic BoostersPainting Football Helments$552.505/21/2012
TVMS PATHS6th Grade Camp$8005/21/2012
Tuscarawas County YMCASchool Wellness Mini Grant$1,0005/21/2012
AnonymousBusiness Education Partnership Dinner$1,5004/9/2012
All-American PublishingAthletic Department$1003/12/2012
Athletic BoostersLaptop to Athletic Department$6502/13/2012
New Philadelphia ElksTVMS Rachel's Challenge$2502/13/2012
TVMS PathsSmartBoard in 6th Grade Science Room$2,4002/13/2012
AnonymousDesktop Computer & Flat Screen Monitor---1/9/2012
Allied Machine & EngineeringProject Lead the Way$7,4001/9/2012
RJ Wright & SonsStudent and Staff Recognition$50012/12/11
AnonymousCoats for Kids$50012/12/11
The Ohio State UniversityProf. Speaking Fees for Mrs. Unklesby$2,00012/12/11
Huntington National BankStudent and Staff Recognition$50011/21/11
Smith Dairy ProductsStudent and Staff Recognition$25011/21/11
TV Youth Athletic FoundationBasketball Hoop Height Adjusters$2,50011/21/11
Timken Company
13 Swivel Chairs - TVHS Conference Room
TV Band and Choir BoostersNew Band Trailer---10/10/11
COMDOC, Inc.Student and Staff Recognition$50010/10/11
LifetouchStudent and Staff Recognition$50010/10/11
Honeywell, Inc.Student and Staff Recognition$50010/10/11
David & Sally GreenStudent and Staff Recognition$50010/10/11
AnonymousStudent and Staff Recognition$15010/10/11
AnonymousStudent and Staff Recognition$10010/10/11
AnonymousRefurbish & Install Community
Business Association Sign at TVHS
Hamam Family FoundationProject Lead the Way$50010/10/11
Rosenberry FoundationProject Lead the Way$10,0009/12/11
Tuscarawas County
Community Foundation
Project Lead the Way$1,0009/12/11
Truck Sales & ServiceStudent and Staff Recognition$5009/12/11
WalmartBack to School Fair$1,0008/5/11
TVHS Soccer TeamNew Duffle Bags and Embroidery$7008/5/11
Myers Machining, Inc.Project Lead the Way$2,0005/9/11
Dover HydraulicsProject Lead the Way$1,0005/9/11
TVMS PathsSmartBoard in TVMS room 507$2,6245/9/11
The Reeves FoundationTV Primary Playground Project$10,0005/9/11
Tusco DisplayProject Lead the Way$5,0005/9/11
AnonymousWashington D.C. Trip$5854/11/11
Hugh Fraser FundWashington D.C. Trip$1,8004/11/11
Jim & Kay GreggCash donation for the rental of cumber bus & ties for the TVHS choir$2254/11/11
Handrich InsuranceCash donation to Project Lead the Way$1004/11/11
Tusky Valley PTOCash to be applied to TV Primary
Playground Project
AnonymousExpenses for Business Education
Community Partnership Dinner
Chuck Knaack7.5 foot artificial Christmas tree---1/10/11
TV Youth Athletic FoundationTVIS Basketball Backboards$2,5001/10/2011
Moomaw Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Haman Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Tuscarawas Valley Ruritans
Student Dictionaries for all 3rd Graders
Eleet Cyrogenics ($600)
Flat Screen TV in TVHS lobby 
to promote student work
Nilobor, Incorporated ($600) 
Flat Screen TV in Central Office
to promote student work
The Reeves Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Rosenberry Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Tuscarawas County 
Community Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Staff Recognition Banquet
Chuck & June Knaack
Summer Reading Lab
Zoar Community Association
Art materials used by TVHS students for
artwork for the Zoar Historical site
Douglas Kendle
Chess Sets for TVHS Library
Ohio AED Initiative
2 External Defibrillators, wall mounted AED cabinet, and no-cost initial training
Tuscarawas Valley Ruritans
Cash for Academic Awards
Sparta Steel & Equipment
TVHS Athletic Department
TV Youth Athletic Foundation
Basketball Jones Assembly
Maria App
Proceeds from Craft Show
Mrs. Rhonda Company
Basketball Shoot-a-Way
Matt & Jennifer Goedel
Cash for TVMS Science Fair
Caldwell Lodge 330 F&AM
Money for Peer Leadership Academy
Eleet Cyrogenics
Lawrence Township Trustees
Newton Asphalt Paving 
Steel plate, labor, and blacktopping to repair a water cistern hole at Tusky Valley Intermediate School
Allied Machine & Engineering
Project Lead the Way
Myers Machining
Project Lead the Way
Wal Mart Foundation
2009 Back to School Fair
The Reeves Foundation
Project Lead the Way
John & Orlena Marsh
Project Lead the Way
Tusky Valley Youth Athletic
Cash Donation
TVHS Student Council
2 Propane Gas Grills
Supplies to Mail Community Information Letter Regarding OSFC Funds
Superior Clay Corporation
Project Lead the Way
Allied Machine & Engineering
Project Lead the Way
Myers Machining
Project Lead the Way
Eleet Cryogenics
Project Lead the Way
Dover Hydraulics, Inc.
Project Lead the Way
Tuscarawas Valley 
County Foundation
Project Lead the Way
Chuck Knaak
Tuscarawas Valley Back to School Fair
The Reeves Foundation
Project Lead the Way
John & Orlena Marsh
Project Lead the Way
Class of 2013
New Pointe 
Community Church
Project Lead the Way
Anonymous Donation
Project Lead the Way
Tusky Valley PTO
Cash Donation from Primary Jump-a-Thon
Tusky Valley PTO
Electronic Classroom Project
Maria App's Christmas in the Village Craft Show
Money to Principal's Fund for Student Activities and Programs
Tusky Valley PTO
Intermediate SmartBoards
Zoar Community Association
Distance Learning Equipment & Content Material at Intermediate School
David/Sally Green
Cash to be Used Towards
Primary & Intermediate School Banners
Tusky Valley Ruritans
A Student's Dictionary & Gazetteer
for all 3rd Grade Students
Wal Mart Good Works
Cash for Back to School fair
Connect USA
Donation to Electronic Classroom Project
Ed Beadle
2 Computer Monitors, Air Conditioner
Buckeye Oil Producing
Electronic Classroom Project
Smart Board & LCD Projector
Donation to assist with a 15 station Wireless Computer Lab at TVMS
TVHS Student Council
9 TV/DVD Players for TVHS Classrooms
Willard Himes
Construction Costs of Softball Dugouts
TV Youth Association
2 Adjustable Backboards for Bolivar Gym
Sally Green
Digital Camera
Ayn Rand Institute
30 Copies of Anthem
Ayn Rand Institute
30 Copies of The Fountainhead
Tusky Valley Ruritans
A Student's Dictionary & Gazetteer
for all 3rd Grade Students
Connie Garcia
Desktop Computer
New Cumberland PTO
Die Cuts
Bolivar PTA
Playground Fence
Digital Camera
Belden Brick Company
Brick for softball dugout
Carolina Stair Supply
Hardwood for Industrial Tech Classes
Bolivar PTA
Six classroom rugs
Bolivar PTA
Three 27" televisions
Jay VanNatter
10' x 12' storage barn for baseball field
Gregg & Patilyn Strong
Multi-voice text-to-speech system
Jay VanNatter
TVHS trophy case
New Cumberland PTO
27" flat screen TV & VCR/DVD player
Jeff Farnsworth
Installation of Bolivar gym lights
Mini Trojan Basketball Org.
Lights for Bolivar gym
Bolivar PTA
30 new chairs
TV Athletic Boosters
Wrestling mat
TV Athletic Boosters
Remodeling of locker room facilities
TVMS Student Council
Pro-Image Plus 3000 Poster Printer
2 large barn fans
9" Cold Laminator
Color Poster Cold Laminator
Bolivar PTA
Library Carpeting
Bolivar PTA
Outside lights
Tuscarawas County
Community Foundation
11 MC classroom sounds systems
New Cumberland PTO
10 x 14' Yard Barn
TV Athletic Boosters
Wrestling uniforms
Lynette Lundenberger
Bicep/tricep Machine
TVMS Student Council
21 DVD/VCR Combos and 2 DVD Players
TVMS Student Council
Supplies for TVMS Barn Built by Mr. Whitling's Students
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