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Technology is hard.
We can help with that! Check out TV Online's Technology Tips.

Google, meet the classroom.

Google has taken the classroom by storm, from software like Google Drive and Classroom, to Chromebooks and Chromebases. Keep up with the Google Education revolution here.

Be app-y.

Apps are an amazing way to merge technology and the classroom together. We have scoured Google Play and the App Store for our favorite picks.

"Math math math?!"

Math and technology go together like peanut butter and jelly. How? Well...

The 2015 Exam Survival Guide

Exams can be the most stressful, crazy thing you have ever experienced. It's cool, we've got this.

For the Bookworm...

From modernizing libraries to tech to immerse yourself in a book, the bookworm will love this!

Technically Speaking...

The technical components to computers are the most intimidating part of running a computer. Case in point, breathe, relax, and read.

For Your Entertainment...

It is good to take a chance to enjoy some entertainmnent! Here are some tips to do that.

Future Tech: Coming Soon!

Coming soon, TV Online's Technology Tips will be providing a glympse at how you can get your hands on the tech of the future! Watch out for this new section!

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