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Role of the Board of Education

The Board of Education shall...

  • Employ and evaluate superintendent and treasurer.
  • Establish policy in conjunction with superintendent and treasurer.
  • Advise and share concerns with superintendent.
  • Be a positive advocate for students, staff, and school district.
  • Place the interests of children and the district above personal interests.

Board of Education Goals

  • Establish and maintain mutual trust, support, and open lines of communication between the superintendent, treasurer, and Board of Education.
  • Demonstrate positive support of the superintendent, treasurer, and staff.
  • Seek input from, inform, and engage the community as partners with the district.
  • Attend all meetings, support the decisions made by the majority of the Board, maintain a positive attitude, and remain dedicated to the excellence of the district.

“The quality of the Board is the determinant of the district success.” 
“Governance responsibility is to the entire public, not just a small private constituency.”

Al Meloy, Ohio School Boards Association

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